T’s & C’s

Terms and Conditions

Please carefully read the Terms and Conditions that apply between the Property Manager and you (“Visitor”) for the booking of your property for the purposes of short-term holiday or furnished rental accommodation.

1. Booking and Payment

1.1. The property is let to you for the period stated in your booking confirmation. You agree to not sublet or assign the property or any part of it. Extensions are subject to availability and approval by the Property Manager.

1.2. A Holding Deposit being 30% of the Rental Amount is required to secure a Booking. The Balance will be due 7 days prior to Arrival or according to your Payment Schedule.

1.3. Failure to make payment in accordance with this schedule may result in cancellation of your booking and will be subject to the Cancellation & Refund Policy below. If you depart early you are obliged to make payments to fulfil your booking.

1.4. If a booking is cancelled greater than 7 days prior to the Arrival Date, the Holding Deposit is forfeit and payable by the Visitor, any additional balance will be refunded.

1.5. If a booking is cancelled within 7 days prior to the Arrival Date, the Holding Depoit is forfeit and payable by the Visitor, as well as the rental amount for any nights within the intended duration of the stay which cannot be subsequently re-let.

1.6. The property manager accepts no liability for your foreign exchange or transaction costs.

2. Residential Amenity & Good Neighbourly Behaviour

2.1. The Visitor must comply with the By-Laws that apply to the property, engage in good neighbourly behaviour, preserve the residential amenity and not be a nuisance or annoyance to adjoining or neighbouring occupiers (eg. loud music, parking). Particularly noise should be kept to a minimum between 10pm and 8am.

2.2. The maximum number of persons that may be accommodated at the property is 4 adults. Excess persons are allowed on site for the purposes of entertaining (up to a maximum of 8 individuals in total), but are not allowed to be accommodated overnight.

2.3. There is a strict no party and no functions policy unless prior express written approval is granted by the Property Manager.

2.4. The Visitor must leave the property in a clean and tidy condition, and adhere to recycling/garbage removal programs.

3. Bond/Security Deposit and Property Damage

3.1. A Bond/Security Deposit is required in advance for every stay, a stay being defined as the period of your individual booking. Return of these amounts is based on the Property Manager’s terms and conditions and their inspection of the property after your stay.

3.2. The Visitor may not remove any of the furniture or effects from the property and will be liable for any furniture or effects damaged or missing from the property. Furniture must be returned to its original position.

3.3. The Property Manager has the authority to deduct monies from the Bond/Security Deposit to remedy any damage, excess cleaning, missing items, excess utilities caused by the Visitor, or to invoice the Visitor by email, fax or post for immediate payment.

3.4. You agree that any breakages or losses greater in value than the Bond/Security Deposit paid will be paid by you in addition to forfeit of the Bond/Security Deposit, for the balance of the amount.

4. Liability & Indemnification

4.1. You agree to indemnify the Property Manager and Property Provider from any claim of loss of personal effects or financial damage direct or indirect whatsoever incurred by the you in booking the property.

4.2. Property Managers will endeavour to describe the property and its position to the best of their ability and in good faith. No liability or damages will be accepted by Property Managers for mis-description.

4.3 By booking a stay at the property, you agree to take on personal liability for any breakages or losses incurred during your stay.

5. General Conduct

5.1. The Visitor must not smoke within the inside of the house.  Smoking is allowed outdoors at the property as long as any refuse is cleaned up (ash, butts, containers, etc).

5.2. The Visitor must, every time they depart the property, securely lock doors and windows, and switch off lighting, appliances and water to conserve resources and avoid damage.

5.3. The Visitor shall immediately report to the Property Manager any repairs required or damage incurred.

5.5. Animals are permitted inside and outside the house however are expected to be clean and non-destructive.  Any property damage or excess cleaning required due to pets will be forfeit from the Bond/Security Deposit.

6. Right to inspect the Property and re-enter the Property

6.1. The Property Manager has the right to inspect the property during the booking period subject to reasonable prior notice being given unless the Property Manager has reasonable grounds to believe that the property is being damaged or at risk or if the Visitor breaches any term of this agreement.

7. Arrival, Departure & Keys & Lock Outs

7.1. Visitors may collect the keys after 3pm on the Arrival Date from the lock box at the property, unless otherwise agreed in writing prior to arrival.

7.2. The property must be vacated by the Visitor and keys returned to the lock box by 12:00 pm on the Departure Date. Failure to depart will incur additional charges for rental and management costs incurred, unless agreed to in writing prior to the original departure date.

7.3. Visitors are responsible for keys (including access devices) and loss of keys and key/lock replacement costs will be passed on to the Visitor.

7.4. Visitors who lock themselves out will be liable for a $250 lock-out fee in order to re-open the property for them.  This cost reflects the cost and time involved in unlocking the property by the Property Manager.

8. Cancellation by the Property Manager

8.1. In the unlikely instance that a property is withdrawn, the Property Manager will offer a full refund at that time.

8.2 The visitor understands that any such withdrawal of the property will only occur under exceptional circumstances (such as it becoming unsafe due to an event or damage by prior visitor) and the Property Manager will take all reasonable steps to avoid the property becoming unavailable.

9. Right of refusal and application of other Special Conditions

9.1. The Property Manager may refuse at their discretion to accept any Visitor.

9.2. Furthermore, the Property Managers may require that other Special Conditions be agreed to on arrival of the Visitor for particular time periods (such as during the “schoolies” period).

10. Privacy and General Law

10.1. The Property Manager will not share your personal information with any third party, unless it is required to complete your booking, provide services to you, or settle your account.

10.2. You acknowledge that the Property Manager carries on business within Victoria and this Agreement shall be governed by the law of Victoria.

10.3. Any notice or communication must be in writing via email.

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