Looking for a Mornington Peninsula Lunch? Check out Green Olive in Red Hill! #HavanaInRye #MorningtonPeninsula

Mornington Peninsula Lunch Green Olive at Red Hill

The view out over the vineyard – Green Olive at Red Hill has a beautiful setting for lunch as well as great local food to boot!

Looking for somewhere new to stop off for a great Mornington Peninsula lunch spot?  If so then why not check out the relaxed atmosphere at Green Olive at Red Hill!

We stopped there last weekend and found it to be a great little hidden gem.  A local hobby farm with wine grapes, olive trees, sheep and chooks all packed into their 27 acre plot.  They serve their own produce as well as food from surrounding local farms, and have a beautiful setting in Red Hill to have a quiet drink and to enjoy said savouries!

A family run business, Green Olive seeks not only to be local but to be full sustainable as well.  This can probably be best summed up in their own words –

We capture all our own water and store it in large above ground tanks. All irrigation for the farm comes from the large dam that collects water from the natural spring and general water runoff. All waste water is processed naturally in an aeration treatment plant and then irrigated onto the paddocks through subsurface irrigation.

All kitchen leftovers are fed to our chooks or composted with chook manure then returned to the garden. Our paper waste is shredded and composted. Where possible we reduce the need for glass and plastic containers, but if we do use them they are commercially recycled.

Almost all our cooking is done in our woodfire oven, with wood collected from fallen timber on the property or, if necessary, specially sourced plantation timber. Installed on the roof of the Farm Shop are photovoltaic panels to generate enough power for us to use and any extra power is returned back to the grid.

So there you have it … great food, great setting and an awesome little family run farm committed to sustainability.  Add in the great local wine region and what other reason do you need for a trip down the Mornington Peninsula? 🙂

For more information see Green Olive at Red Hill’s web site – www.greenolive.com.au

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